Misconception of Help and Use

We would like to clear up some things that are misunderstood when it comes to using our website templates, PSD, PNG or HTML, it doesn't matter, the concept is the same.

We appreciate all of the help we can get from users of our digital media, but in some cases the help is misguided and not wished for.

Traditional help, like "word of mouth", "blogging", "forum posts" and "linking to our website" etc. are all welcome and wished for, whereas, misuse of our digital media in projects that do not correspond with our terms of use are not welcome.

The problems that arise in projects that use our work but do not correspond to our terms of use can be immense and disturbing to say the least.

A recent example (we won't mention names or provide links for obvious reasons):

A person contacted us recently saying proudly that he had used one of our templates as a framework in a project he had now opened to the public using an MIT licence.

On examining the project we found that the project completely disregarded our terms of use in a manner that was not acceptable in any form.

After contacting said person and asking that our template be removed from the project we received an aggressive impolite email.

Long story cut short - said person has removed the project.

This person was under the impression that he was helping us to promote our work, although he had removed our licence file and our footer link from the template.

The licence he used in conjunction with our work (in his product) contained the following: "including without limitation the rights to distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software" which is completely the opposite of our licence.

If someone was to have sold this persons product, they would have in turn sold our work, as the product is based around our digital media, so where is the help in this ? There is no help, this is a blatant disregard of copyright and licence terms.

If this person was to have read the licence agreement, no problems would have arisen and he could have used a template with the appropriate licence from someone else.

Other instances of false help include illicit conversions to WordPress themes, Blogger templates and other systems.

Just to make things clear:

  1. We update our templates on our website when a bug is reported e.g. browser compatibility which we can't do in 3rd party products that we have no control over.

  2. jQuery scripts, including sliders etc., are updated where possible on a regular basis to ensure they are up-to-date and fully work in all of the browsers we support.

  3. We provide free support for our free templates - 9 from 10 times we provide a full solution to questions and or problems.

  4. Our templates run on our licence - not on any other licence or any joint licence.

  5. The copyright of our templates stays with us and is not transferable to anyone.

The above points integrate the main problems we face when someone uses our work in a wrong way.

Support costs time, which in turn costs money - if we are asked for support for a template that has been integrated into a secondary system or used as a base / framework for a project, we have to look at the system first and then find out why the person is having problems.

If we are not familiar with the system it costs a lot of time to research it and as we have an excellent reputation to withhold we do the work, which always ends up that we have to sit on the cost of doing the work.

The licence that comes with our templates is not Open Source, GPL, MIT, Public Domain etc. it's our licence, with our terms - if you are not happy with it, don't use our work. The licence can not be integrated with a different licence creating a dual licence product.

Our licence files must stay with the template when used, simply put, if someone doesn't know what the original template licence is or that the template has a licence, they could be liable due to someone else providing a product without the appropriate licence.

This all boils down to the same:

We can not be held responsible for people who use our work in a way that is not deemed to adhere to our terms.

We can not provide help for projects that we know nothing about or have not been involved in.

Illicit template conversions for any CMS, Blogging or dynamic file based creation system(s) have nothing to do with us and as such will not be supported by us - where possible, we will take action to have them removed.