Transform Premium Website Template

Premium Website Template Transform

NOTE: The live demo is v1.0, as such, it may be slightly different due to updates.

The Transform template is a multipurpose business template, it's design is orientated around corporate, business and legal website types, but can obviously be used for others when modified.

The template comes as default in a light skin, a dark skin is available. The choice of skin and a variety of colour schemes help create combinations which allow for a wide range of individual styling.

The template comes with a modified set of our standard features using its own colours and template specific styling.

NOTES: The template has been declared as IE9 friendly - but, we use a wide range of modern CSS elements including "transitions". All of the CSS coding that is used to control animation and blending effects has been placed into its own CSS file. The template works without the file, it simply doesn't have the effects, so it's a personal choice, you can use it or not. The template is set as default to use the CSS file.

The live demo doesn't have all of the content that is in the downloadable file - pages that have been removed: Timeline, Coming Soon and a full page of sidebar widgets. Screenshots can be provided on demand.

As standard, the downloadable archive contains two "template" folders: "Full Template" & "Basic Template".

The full template has everything incorporated into it, whereas the basic template simply has the very basics to use the template as a base template, without having to remove all of the predefined HTML code that demonstrates what can be accomplished with the template.

The template comes with a choice of:

  • Responsive - Full Width
  • Responsive - Boxed
  • Light & Dark skin
  • 6 Predefined colour schemes

Page layout types include:

  • Standard - 1, 2, or 3 columns
  • Gallery
  • Blog Overview
  • Blog Single
  • Timeline

In use with the framework all of the above layouts can be styled using: Full Width, Sidebar Left, Sidebar Right, Sidebar Left & Right

Extras Included in the downloadable zip:

  • Basic PHP + jQuery Contact Form

Predefined HTML Pages included:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Team + Team Single
  • Timeline
  • Coming Soon
  • Clients
  • Services - multiple choice of element styling
  • FAQ
  • Archives
  • 404 Error Page
  • Basic HTML Sitemap
  • Contact

A list of images (including their source) used in the live demo, including images from Flickr as well as SXC, can be found here.

Credit & Miscellaneous Info

All third party files are documented and credited in their own file folders.

Images used in the live demo are not included within the downloadable archive.

  • Cross browser support - IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Modern CSS3 animations and blending effects
  • CSS multi-tier dropdown menu
  • Predefined buttons - flat
  • Alert boxes / messages
  • Drop caps, CSS circles
  • Font Awesome font icons
  • Social icons using Font Icons
  • "Call To Action" banners
  • Numerous list formats including Tag cloud
  • Accordions, Toggles, Tabs
  • Pricing Tables
  • Multiple pre-defined sidebar widgets
  • Choice of 3 styles of service elements
  • A slider for content sliding + carousels
  • A lightbox to display image overlays
  • Media integration - youtube, vimeo etc.
  • Responsive tables - <div> and <table> based
  • Google Maps V.3 - modified to fit colour scheme

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