Website To Be Re-Built

The OS Templates website is to be completely re-built from scratch - meaning a brand new website will be online shortly.

We have decided to go ahead with our plans a little earlier than expected, this is due to the increase in popularity the site has gained in the last 6 - 8 months.

Working on feedback we have gained over the last couple of years, the site will be modified to fit user requirements and with that, we will hopefully create a better user experience on the site.

In the new site:

  • The website will have a new/modified design with different functionality in comparison to the old site.

  • The Homepage will show a combination of the latest 6 - 8 new templates, a mixture of both the free website templates and the free png templates

  • A completely new template overview structure - this was one of the major hicks that we were told was not ideal when trying to find new templates first, with that said, the new templates will be shown first and the older go to the back. e.g page 1 in the individual template categories will alway have the latest templates, the higher the number in the paginated navigation, the older the templates are

  • A new section for PSD website templates, with an initial 30+ templates - this new section will hopefully open a small niche, this gives the user the chance to create their own template with a pixel perfect design from us.

  • Template categories shared by the ported & png templates - instead of a search system, we decided to go with the commonly used "Template Category" method, this enables user's to find the kind of templates they want faster and easier.

  • Category specific related templates - each template preview page now has related templates at the bottom, which possibly helps in choosing a template quicker instead of searching the whole site

  • and much more...

Hopefully we will have the new site up and running by the 27th June.

Update: 23rd June

After no sleep and lots of headaches, the new website is now online - the majority of pages that no-longer exist have been re-directed, but please update your bookmarks where needed :)