Website Modification Progress Update 28/01/2013

Update 1:

We have now completed Part 2 of our custom page templates section update.

In this part of the update we have customised the page template section and have added individual template sections / categories. We have also moved all of the current templates that can be found in this section into their own sub-section(s).

We now have a range of custom page templates in the following template categories for you to choose from:

  • 404 Error Templates
  • About Us Templates
  • Image Gallery Templates
  • Portfolio Templates

We posted in our last update that we will have more categories, they will be added as soon as we have a variety of templates finished for each of the categories.

This section is still our main priority at the moment.

Update 2:

We have converted all of our free website layouts into basic HTML5 templates and added them to the "Basic Templates" section.

With that said, the Free Website Layouts section has now been removed, so if you previously bookmarked a layout, your bookmark will no-longer work, so please update your bookmarks where needed.

The templates that were already in the free basic HTML5 templates section have all been renumbered to cater for the new additions, we didn't want the old templates being placed in front of the new templates.

This means, if you previously downloaded a basic template and need it again, it won't have the same number. Rule of thumb, the latest templates are at the start of the galleries category overview.

Update 3:

We have added a holding page for our premium website templates. As stated, it is a holding page, and hasn't been added to our main navigation as of yet.

As soon as we are finished with our custom page template section, this section will then take priority.

We would like to thank those users who have contacted us asking about possible release dates for our premium templates, again we are sorry, but we can't put a time on the work.

We currently have 48 designs that are ready for templating, but we simply don't have the manpower to complete all of the work at once.