We Need Your Help !

We would like to invite all those who have used, are using and wish to use our templates to tell us what you would like to see in our premium section starting in 2014.

We don't want to design and build templates that aren't wanted, which is a waist of time and resources - we would prefer to get feedback where possible about what is actually wanted.

We don't want to be like other sites who sell templates by simply creating stuff for the sake of it and hope that the templates will be bought.

Our intention is to provide both PSD and HTML templates - whereby the templates will have a responsive or fixed width layout, depending on the design and realistic use.

Just to recap:

It costs an extensive amount of time to design and develop a template and as we all know - "time is money".

Our premium templates will be moderately priced (pretty cheap) as we are hoping for widespread sales due to the international popularity of our website.

If we didn't have an international audience we would have to price the templates as such, which would be notably much more expensive.

We are calling our templates "premium" simply because a small charge is being made to basically remove the footer credit link on a "per website" basis, it's that simple.

Contact Us

Let us know if you would like to see specific elements in templates including sliders, jQuery galleries, font icons or image icons, the list goes on.

What category should the templates be that you would like to use e.g. photography, gallery, industrial, travel, magazine, sport etc.

If you would like to pass on your ideas, thoughts or even possible requirements, please feel free to let us know.

Simply drop us a mail at "info@os-templates.com" with the subject "Template Ideas"