Update on Free Templates

As we have been concentrating on re-developing our whole website and creating the premium section, our free website templates have been somewhat neglected, we have been posting PSD templates but they are not working HTML files, as we have been told.

We are aware that PSD templates have to be converted into HTML templates, that's the reason we have them, so that people can convert them themselves instead of having to use our coded versions.

So, to the point, we will shortly start to release free HTML templates again, based on HTML 5, we probably won't code any new templates using XHTML.

We have been contacted over the last weeks and some people have asked if it's possible for us to convert the PSD templates, our response is yes, we can convert the PSD templates, but only when there are enough requests for a specific template.

At the moment there have been enough requests for two, the PSD templates in question are:

  • Revelation
  • The Modernist

These templates were originally created for end-clients, but the templates weren't chosen as the end product - so, after digging out our old server we found the demonstration templates that were created (XHTML versions).

We will update the old (X)HTML code to HTML5 as well as upgrade / modify the templates to use CSS3 and the latest version of the javascripts that are involved.

We will get these two templates online as soon as we can.

With that said, we have released our latest free HTML website template today, along with this news post.

A side note: our premium section is now fully running and with that, we are working on a variety of new templates that will be appearing in the near future.