Thanks for The Template Suggestions

We would like to thank all those people who contacted us with their suggestions for our forthcoming premium website templates section.

All in all the response was less than we expected but with that said, the suggestions that were made were extensive and have opened our eyes a lot.

We will be integrating a new category into the website for "Charity / NGO" based templates. This is a niche that we have, to-date, had nothing to do with, that's the reason we will add it, a new challenge.

All of the new website templates that we will be building for the premium templates section will be "multi-purpose templates", what does this mean you may say, well, the main layout / design will be suitable for a variety of different types of websites.

Developing for a specific niche is not the way to go forward in our opinion - a template that can be used for a numerous amount of different sites is what we aim to achieve.

Using different layout possibilities, skin colours and main layout colours you can make a template look completely different from its original appearance.

If you add images for a specific niche, with an appropriate colour scheme you get a template for a niche, so a template could be used for multiple types of sites, from corporate to personal.

We have an excellent example of what we are waffling on about, we will write a separate post about it shortly named "CleanCut In The Wild".


We are working as fast as we can to get the premium templates section up and running, so please have patience, as soon as we have a design or two ready to show, we will.

In the future our intention is to create a premium design, show it in the form of screenshots and ask our users if they want the template converted into HTML or not. The intention behind this is simply to not spend too much time on something no-one wants to see as a fully working HTML template.

We won't be converting all of the designs we make into HTML templates, we will have premium PSD website templates as well as HTML templates, the PSD's can be coded by whoever purchase them.

The PSD templates will have all of the basic elements that are required to create a template e.g. gallery, blog single, blog overview etc.

We also intend on giving the opportunity to buy a template "outright", meaning a template can be bought and the buyer can do with the template what he/she wants to. This is a request that has been asked for by quite a few of our users.

The template will be removed from our website and will never appear on the site again nor will it be sold on any other site by us, this obviously has a different price category.


We received quite a few requests about using 3rd party grid systems such as Bootstrap - the official answer to this:


We have built our own responsive and fixed width grid(s) & framework(s), tested them and they work well in all browsers we support - they are easy to use for beginners as well as professional developers.