Template Category Changes

Due to the large amount of emails asking us to distinguish between intermediate / advanced HTML5 templates and basic HTML5 templates, we have now changed the category name and moved some of the templates.

In doing this we have at the same time changed the URL of the basic HTML5 templates, to correspond to the template types name, which in turn means, if you previously bookmarked any of the basic templates you will have to update your bookmarks to the new address.

The HTML5 templates that have moved out of the new basic HTML5 templates section are:

  • Elementary
  • Revolutionary
  • Prosperous
  • FusionEdge

As they are not basic templates, the four templates can now be found in the Free Website Templates section.

Now that we have XHTML and HTML5 templates in the free website template section you will need to take note of the "TYPE" indicator.

The "TYPE" emphasises:

  • CSS & HTML5

Places you can find the "TYPE" element are:

  1. When navigating the free website templates overview / gallery pages, on hovering the preview thumbnail you will see the type underneath the templates name

  2. On the preview pages, to the right of the templates thumbnail image you can see "Template Type"

It is important to note the type of template when choosing a portfolio or gallery page template, as the code is different for each type of template.

With this change we hope that there will no-longer be any misunderstandings.