Substantial Copyright Infringement

Due to the amount of interest in our templates over the last year, we have sadly become aware that a significant amount of India based companies are replacing our copyright with their own.

We have successfully (with the help of some providers) been able to have some of these website's closed down and or they have seen the light and replaced our copyright or completely removed our work from their sites.

Our lawyers are also looking into this problem and have already started to take steps against individual companies who blatently ignore our requests.

Lawyers all cost a significant amount of money and if the copyright infringement continues at this scale, we will be forced to re-think continuing our free website templates.


The fact is, it is not only companies in India (although they make up the majority) but worldwide and a significant amount of private users also seem to think removing credit links and copyright information is a must.

To clear things up, we do not make money on our free templates, our free templates solely promote our work and are a reference point for individuals and companies interested in our skills.

We use software and code from others, we leave their copyright alone, so why do a significant amount of users of our templates remove our copyright and credits ?

The templates are free for private and commercial use, but they are not the property of anyone but OS Templates.

We will keep everyone up-to-date with this situation and if we do discontinue our free website templates we will give enough prior notice.

With Regards

OS Templates