Some CleanCut Template Users Overwhelmed

A few months ago we prematurely released our CleanCut premium template for a short period of time and at the same time set a price on its head.

We wish to apologise but the price is indirectly wrong.

The reason:

After a variety of people bought single site licences they started to work through the template and reported back and said they have found the template hard to work with.

Even though the template comes with a ton of documentation which includes info for template coding + modifications, references code on the net and references online tutorials, we have been contacted almost every day from at least one of the buyers.

The feedback we have had is both positive and negative, the majority say that the template has a mass of functions, which is great, but understanding them correctly and using the template to its full potential is a different matter.

The feedback from the more advanced users (and coders) under the buyers is positive, after initially understanding the template they say it is easy to use and they have no problems using it at all.

We as the developers of the template find it easy to use, we know what classes to use, how to set-up the HTML and how to combine the individual classes to get a great end-result. But the template is no use if only developers can use it.

We didn't expect this feedback, but we will be doing something against it.

Two Systems

What we intend on doing on the official release, CleanCut will be available in two forms:

  1. The full unmodified truth
    for advanced users & professional coders who want a base to build their sites on

  2. Watered down (CleanCut Light)
    for beginners & lightweights who want a template that is quick and easy to modify

The full template will include everything that has always been in it, including full documentation, PSD + PNG files etc. so no changes there.

There will be a lot of changes made to the light version, some of the changes may include:

  • The template won't have any bespoke documentation
  • The PSD + PNG files will not be included.
  • There will be one footer, not 15 to choose from
  • There will be 1 top navigation, not 10 to choose from
  • The fixed width layout option will be removed
  • The boxed layout option will be removed
  • 2 pre-defined colours - not 8
  • Dark skin won't be available
  • A variety of the pre-defined HTML pages won't be in the downloadable zip
  • jQuery sliders and jQuery lightboxes will be reduced to one of each

The final list has not yet been made, so it is possible that one or more of the listed elements stay or are modified in a different way.

The template will now have two different prices, why, because the full template has lots more in it, it's that simple.