Responsive Academic Education HTML5 Template

Since the initial release of the Academic Education free website template in 2011 we have been contacted on a regular basis and asked whether or not we would contemplate updating the template.

What has been asked / mentioned / requested the most:

  • Is it possible to make the template responsive
  • The navigation doesn't have a dropdown menu, can one be added
  • Can the slider stop rotating when hovered
  • Can the slider start at a different position
  • Can the slider be changed so that it doesn't automatically slide
  • Can you provide the original images for the rounded corners
  • (X)HTML is outdated, how about updating it to HTML5
  • Modern browsers support rounded corners can the CSS be changed

We started re-developing the template some time back but due to other work taking precedence we put it on hold. We have caught up with the majority of work that needed to be completed and will now finish the re-development of the template.

What will be completed:

The list above will all be looked at and will probably be completely incorporated into the re-build. The new version will definitely be an HTML5 responsive template which uses the latest technology.

Changing the template into a responsive template doesn't automatically make it a perfect choice for everyone, the CSS media queries will be set-up to accommodate the most widespread viewport sizes. They can easily be changed for bespoke elements / different sizes so no problems there, all you need is a little experience with CSS.

All of the scripts used in the template for sliding etc. will be replaced accordingly, the choice of "Lightbox" for gallery images will be changed as "PrettyPhoto" is now somewhat outdated and not really responsive, it does fit itself to the viewport, but not on manual browser re-size. Our script for a mobile menu will be used but can be replaced by any other 3rd party / own script. The commonly used "FitVids" script will also be used for making media responsive.

There will be some visual changes made to the template e.g. search and newsletter form, the social icon images will be replaced with Font Awesome and all "rounded corners" will be created via CSS, so no images will be used in the base template at all.

The old version of the template uses a 960px grid, the new version has been changed to use a basic 978px responsive grid.

With that said:

We are leaving the old template online for those who still want to use that version and or need to update their own working copy.

The old template was recently brought up to date along with over 90 other free templates in that section. The majority had their Javascript files updated and the IE8 specific CSS code bloat was removed from all files as IE8 support stopped a while back.


The new version of the template will not be compatible with the old version in any form whatsoever - the HTML and CSS code is completely different, although visually, there is little difference.