Premium Template Updates 04-2018

It has been a long time since we officialy updated any of our premium templates, the reason being, a lack of time. But all of the premium templates have now been updated with as many updates as we could possibly carry out.

All 3rd party files have, where possible, been updated. Sadly, not all of the 3rd party files originaly used in our templates could be updated, in the majority of cases it was due to a lack of support from the original developer or incompatibility with the latest version of jQuery.

These files were replaced with similar scripts that do pretty much the same or where no replacement was available, they were removed completely.

For security reasons we try and keep up with all the latest updates, so replacing outdated 3rd party code with similar products was a must.

Another major update has been the introduction of "Font Awesome 5" - this caused a lot of headaches due to the change in their naming system and required the most time to integrate / update all of the files that use / used the old naming system.

Premium Licence Price Change

Some people have asked us why we have upped the price of our templates, well, the truth is, we haven't.

The change in the shown price is due to moving from "GBP" to "EURO", the price is the same, it's just been converted to the new currency, "1 GBP" is not "1 EURO", at the time of writing this post, the conversion rate was 1 GBP = 1.1486 EURO.

So as can be seen, the price is simply the converted rate (GBP to EURO), the templates are not more expensive, they are the same price.