Photography Template Series

As we have had so many requests about adding more Photography styled templates to the site we have decided to start off a series of Photography templates.

There will be initially 4 or 5 new photography templates added to the site shortly.

The new Photography templates will probably be best suited for photographers, image galleries and design portfolios, although they can be modified to be used for pretty much any kind of website type.

The PhotoTeam template (see below) is the first in this series and we have started on the designs for the other templates, once the designs are ready, its down to coding.

All of the templates in this series will have open CSS files - meaning, the CSS will not be compressed or shortend too much, as we want to keep the templates as user friendly as possible.

Not all users of our templates are CSS guru's or solid HTML notepad cracks :), so we want to keep our templates as easy to use as possible.

Here a preview of what's to come:

Education Website Template Preview