Our Website Name

This post is here to simply give you some clarity about our websites name as there has been some confusion in the past and hopefully with this, the confusion will be dealt with.

We have been approached about our website name in particular the use of "OS" and have been told that it is in many ways a confusing and misleading name, we have by no means the same opinion.

The majority of people who generaly find the name misleading are those who are trying to find "Operating System" templates, which we obviously do not have.

The abbreviated form, as we all know, is "OS", which clinches with our websites name when searching for "os templates".

Other problems, not our fault, but that of the search engines is when using a search engine, searching for either of the following terms "os templates" or "operating system templates" our website is shown.

Our site is shown because it's name is "OS Templates" and because the SERPs show abbreviated results as well as full text results.

Our site has nothing to do with Operating System templates nor do we have Open source templates in our website.

For those who still have problems with our website name - please take a look at other abbreviations that have to do with "OS" and you will see that there are an extensive amount.

Just to clear matters

Our website name uses each of the first letters found in two of our names and obviously we have templates in our website, so the combination gives "OS Templates".

For those who still have a problem with our site name:

Our site has an excellent (international) reputation and with that, a well known name, so we will not be changing our website name in any form whatsoever.