Only Download Our Templates From Us

It has been brought to our attention (yet again) that numerous 3rd party websites are re-distributing / distributing our free website templates, although this is strictly not permitted.

We do not permit re-distribution of our templates and those who download a template from anywhere other than our website do so at their own risk.

We can not and will not guarantee that templates from us found on third party sites are safe to use.

We currently only permit to re-distribute a few of our templates, we know and trust the guys there.

The other problem with this situation is simple: we update our templates on a regular basis, whereas 3rd party websites who illegally re-distribute our templates don't update their download files.

We do not use the commonly used ".zip" or ".rar" file extensions, all of our templates are compressed using "7 Zip" - if you download any of our templates and the file type is anything other than ".7z" you may be at risk.

We can not emphasise this enough - download our free templates only from our website: or from sites that have been allocated by us.

If you are uncertain if a website has been given permission, simply don't download from them, download the template you want directly from our website.

We make use of all legal possibilities we have to have our templates removed from 3rd party websites, so, if you download or have downloaded our templates from anywhere other than our website please let us know.

General Info

It is not our intention to scare anybody, but please do read the following information, it elaborates on the benefits that these site owners have when carrying out this practice.

The general purpose behind (illegally) re-distributing 3rd party templates is:

  • the website owner adds their link(s) to the template(s) and as such get free marketing / traffic when the template is used online.

  • they completely remove any copyright and backlinks from the original developer and claim they own or have built the template.

  • they sell the templates making money for doing nothing and scam the buyer as the templates are free.

In the end they basically gain for doing nothing and they harm the reputation of the original developers.

It is also known that some sites have in the past added malware into the templates, so when they are used they infect the computer they are used on.