New site design and updates for 2014

At the end of last year we announced that we were moving forward with changes to our website, initially we wanted to convert the site from XHTML to the latest version of HTML, be it said HTML5.

As with many other things, we discuss pro + contra and then throw everything overboard and start again - so, we now have a new design along with a re-structured site which uses the latest available technology.

With that said, some users of our site may experience display discrepancies in older browsers - our site does not support pre-IE9 and the new layout wasn't purposely built to work in IE9 either.

IE11 is the latest browser from Microsoft, and it is free to download if you have the appropriate OS on your computer - our new site design has been tried and tested in all of the latest greatest browsers, including FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and or course IE10+.

With the conversion of the site we decided to go responsive - responsive is an animal of its own, what devices do you cater for, what viewport sizes, where do you add the breakpoints.

We have tested the site in a variety of common devices, from smartphone, touchpad, laptop, desktop PC to internet capable TV's - there isn't a "one fits all" solution, so we hope to have covered as many devices as possible and hope that the browsing experience still works how it should in all of the devices - if not, please feel free to let us know and we will see if we can't break the site some more :).

With the site upgrade and update, we have completed a lot of back-dated work - all of our free templates that featured the deprecated "hgroup" tag have now been modified. All of the downloads have been updated and no-longer have the deprecated code in them.

The tutorial on our site referencing how to modify older templates will stay on the site for a while yet.

Better late than never

Our premium section is now officially open - with that said, we have released our first three premium templates.

We have spoken about CleanCut in the past couple of months, we now have the Pro version as well as a light version - as the request was high, we have released our first premium fully responsive education template called "Book of Wisdom".

Just a reminder, our premium templates are released with a theme behind them, e.g. Education, but they can be used for a variety of different kinds of sites, by simply modifying them to suit your needs.