New Responsive Website Templates Section

Today we are happy to announce our new Responsive Templates section. With the introduction of responsive templates to our website we intend on keeping with the flow of web design trends and future proofing our templates.

Many people will now say, "what are responsive templates" - to answer this and other questions about responsive design and templates we have posted in the support section of the site.

Free Responsive Templates

With the introduction of the new template section we have added two frameworks:

  • RS-MQF 960 V.1 - Based on a 1024px screen resolution
  • RS-MQF 1200 V.1 - Based on a 1280px screen resolution (widescreen)

RS-MQF stands for "Responsive Media Query Framework"

Updates to our framework will be completed when browser developers update their support for HTML5 and CSS3 and obviously when we come up with new and improved solutions to slimline the system even more.

What is a Responsive Media Query Framework

Our take on this is simple. We have created a basic framework which can be modified to either suit fully fluid, elastic or fixed site designs (others may call it a grid and other people may call it a simple layout).

Our framework basically allows for a multitude of designs without having to massively interact with the code. It is not a typical grid system where using the system is hard and a multitude of understanding is required.

We have kept our small framework to a minimum, it works in all modern browsers, we have tested it in the following:

  • FireFox 3+
  • Chrome 19+
  • Opera 11+
  • Safari 5+
  • Internet Explorer 9+

We have also integrated support for Internet Explorer 7 and 8, whereby the support for IE7 is limited, but the framework is fully functional.

Our framework uses the new media queries that CSS3 brought along. With the media queries we are able to determine what device is being used by someone viewing the design online and react appropriately.

If someone is viewing the framework / design using a smartphone, the media query will use the appropriate pre-defined CSS, thus making the framework suitable for a wide range of SmartPhones, Touch Pads etc.