New Premium Website Templates Section

We are happy to announce the forthcoming "Premium Website Templates" section to our website.

Over the last 3 years we have been contacted by numerous amounts of users asking if they can pay to remove the footer link from our templates, or if they can buy our templates.

Well, with the new premium template section this is possible. Our free templates will stay as they are (as well as their bespoke licence), and yes, we will still add free templates to the site.

We have taken a long time discussing what we will add to the premium section and have decided to initially start with a variety of "clean multi purpose templates", we hope that user feedback and requests will come through to help us find out what our users would like to have developed and added to the site.

Template Licensing

Our premium templates will come with their own licence agreement which differs greatly from our free templates licence terms.

Our premium templates will be released with a footer link back to our website, but you will be able to remove it when you have purchased a "Single Site Licence". More information about the licence and its terms will be published in a licence document within the downloadable file and on the site when it has been published.

Our templates will start at as low as "€35" - which gives you the right to remove the footer link from all "HTML" files, copyright information within "CSS & JavaScript" files must be retained, and may not be removed.

The premium templates can not be distributed, re-distributed, sold, re-sold nor can the licence be sub-licenced, transferred or assigned to anyone else. By purchasing a "Single Site Licence" you can use the template on one website only, if you wish to use the template on multiple sites, you will need to purchase multiple licences.

Browser Compatibility Issues

All of the premium website templates that will be on offer will be built using the latest web technologies, including, but not restricted to - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery etc.

What does this mean you may ask yourself - well, due to the amount of legacy browsers that are still being used, some of the templates may well not render correctly.

Our templates will be primarily developed to work in IE9 +, FireFox 12+, latest Safari, latest Opera & Chrome

At the moment we will have some fallbacks for legacy browsers such as IE7 and IE8 - where JavaScript will be used to render HTML5 and CSS3 elements. Which in turn means, if a user looks at the template / website in IE7 / 8 without JavaScript activated, the template will not render correctly.

We suggest, where possible to keep up with the latest browser developments and keep your browser up-to-date. If you are still using Windows XP, we suggest you change your browser from IE 7 or 8 to FireFox, Safari or Chrome, as IE9+ is not, and will not be available for XP users.

Release Date

As we have been extremely busy with client work lately the premium template section as well as our free templates have been somewhat neglected, which we hope to change shortly.

We have the premium section design ready for programming as well as a couple of templates that are in work ready for the release date.

Currently we can not put our finger on a specific date, but keep your eyes peeled, it won't be long now.


Your OS Templates Team