New PNG Template Section

We have decided to create a new section within the website dedicated to our PNG website templates, you may ask what has that got to do with a website template, well, without these website mock-ups it's very hard to build a website.

The majority of people have heard of PNG files (Adobe Photoshops file format) but not that many know of FireWorks layered PNG files.

PNG Template

Macromedia Adobe FireWorks is one of the best graphic layout programs that is out there (at least for the web), also one of the most expensive :(

FireWorks is our choice for layouting our website templates, the program enables a pixel perfect layout, whereas, in our opinion, Photoshop doesn't.

Another major benefit of a layered PNG file is that the file size itself is incredibly small in comparison to a PNG file.

As with our website templates our PNG templates will be updated on a regular basis, creating a layout in FireWorks doesn't take that long and so, we can slot a layout in when there is a little spare time.

For those users who are interested and are not sure what we are rambling on about, you can read more about PNG files and what exactly they do or are here »