New HTML 5 Website Templates Section

HTML5 Templates

The term "HTML 5" isn't new to the majority of people who use and or design / develop website templates, it started to raise its head and became a buzzword in 2010.

You ask yourself what has this got to do with the new forthcoming section of this website, well, a lot. In creating a new so-called "HTML 5" template section we start a new era on our website.

We have been waiting for browser developers to update their support for HTML 5 mark-up so as to offer free HTML 5 templates from our site. Browser support is now becoming more acceptable, meaning more and more code elements are supported.

Due to the mass on changes and introduction of new elements to the HTML5 code mark-up we will slowly introduce them to our templates in time. As stated already, not all elements are currently supported (as of this documents publishing date) but they will be added to the new templates.

We will continue to add XHTML templates to our standard free website templates section as they will be support for years to come.

To start with we will be adding basic HTML 5 templates to the new section, no in-depth steep learning curve will be needed to modify the individual templates. The source code will be our high standard, clean, well structured and easy to modify mark-up.

So what is new ? There are a variety of new elements found in the HTML5 standard and a lot of elements have been removed or are now depricated (not supported). For a full list of differences between HTML 5 and its predecessor click here »

What Wont Be In Our Templates

It is possible to create bespoke Form elements that are assisted via JavaScipt or pre-define data to be stored on an end-users PC either in a session or using the localstorage object. These elements wont be touched in our templates.

What we will not be adding to the templates is in-depth bespoke written code, simply due to the fact that our templates are used by a wide variety of end-users who do not wish to learn how to modify core complicated JavaScript code or want to know how to use the facility to store information.

Another reason is the simplest - our templates are used by such a wide range of people that it simply isn't possible to modify a template to suit everyone who uses it, all users have their own use and needs - as an example, one basic form doesn't work for all, elements need to be added or removed.


We will start to add new templates to the website shortly, but as stated they will be basic. In time we will add more sophisticated HTML 5 templates, both in design and source code mark-up. For help with our HTML 5 web templates, documents will be created in our "Template Support" area.

For general information:

HTML 5 is a BuzzWord and it has already been renamed back to HTML

HTML = Hypertext Markup Language

5 = Specification number