Major Website Modifications - 2013

Over the last couple of years we have made significant modifications to our website and have introduced a variety of new sections.

With time, we have removed and or changed sections and section names to make the site more user friendly and understandable.

With that said, we have started on the next major modifications:

1) We are combining the Free Responsive Templates and Free Website Templates sections

We have decided to move all of the responsive templates into the free website templates section due to the confusion between what a "free website template" is and what a "free responsive template" is.

To ensure there is no confusion between "Fixed" and "Responsive" layouts all of the responsive templates now have appropriate tags.

With this change we hope to clear up any misunderstanding.

2) The "PNG Templates" section will be changed to "PSD Templates"

Some extremely intelligent person or group of people (don't you just love sarcasm) at Adobe have decided to stop development of Adobe FireWorks.

This in our opinion is one of the worst decisions that Adobe have ever made, FireWorks is one of the easiest and most useful tools for website layouting they have.

FireWorks doesn't bloat like Photoshop does - in terms of file size, Photoshop is approx. 10 times the size e.g. a 300kb layered PNG as a PSD is approx. 3Mb

Due to the possible future lack of support / software to edit all of the PNG templates that we have online, they will be converted into PSD templates.

This as you can imagine will take some time, but we have no choice.

3) Main site being updated to HTML5

We have been running the site using XHTML for quite some time now and have decided to update to use HTML5.

In time we will convert the complete site to not only use the HTML5 doctype, but to use all of the new mark-up that is available.


As these updates all take time we are pressed to keep up with new free templates, free designs etc. so please have patience with us, we are working more hours than are available in a day to get this work completed.

With these modifications along with the new premium section, we hope to start 2014 with an improved user experience.

Update - 24.12.2013

We have completed the majority of modifications discussed above, the template categories have been combined and all of the layered PNG website templates have been converted into fully editable layered PSD templates.

We have set-up re-directs for all of the pages that have moved (where possible and realistic). We haven't re-directed demo pages as we see no point in doing so, the demos are all accessible from the main template page.

We have started to convert our site into HTML5, with that said, we will in 2014 stop support for IE8 and possibly IE9 - IE10 and IE11 are already available and can be freely downloaded if your software (OS) supports them.

The premium section of the site is still under construction, we've simply run out of time this year. We will be concentrating the majority of our time in this section in the new year - but no worries, we will still publish free templates on a regular basis.