Introducing Page Templates

Since our site was launched in 2009 we have had a significant amount of requests asking for different / individual page layouts for each free template that we have released.

We have now decided that it is time to open up our treasure chest and go forward with releasing various "Page Templates" that we use on a regular basis for our commercial work.

That said, the page templates we will be releasing are basic skeletons, meaning, they are skins and not fully developed. The templates have the basic elements needed to modify to produce a professional looking page.

As we also decided to release HTML5 templates a short while ago we have been replicating and re-coding a variety of the page templates to cater for those users' who wish to use HTML5 page templates.

The page showcasing the templates will be pretty much the same as the rest of the overview pages but the templates preview page will be slightly different.

As we have both standard XHTML and HTML5 website templates the templates preview page will have two links (buttons) to downloads, each link represents the individual type of template.

When you are choosing which type of page template you need for your specific template you must be aware that the HTML5 coded page template is not compatible with an XHTML template.

Due to backwards compatibility our XHTML page templates are compatible with our HTML5 website templates.

Many will ask why is it necessary to create two different sets of code for one page template, easy answer, "future proofing", we develop our templates for maximum compatibility for future development.

At some stage the current XHTML 1.0 standard will be replaced, possibly with XHTML5, who knows, so now is the time to ensure future compatibility of our templates.

On the first release of the new page template section we will only be adding portfolio and gallery pages, they require the use of a 960px wide "full width" template, an intergration tutorial will be released shortly.

Once the page templates have been fully integrated into our free templates structure, our future releases of free website templates will no-longer contain page templates, as they can be individually chosen and then integrated.