Internet Explorer 9 + 10 Support Discontinued

As of January 12th 2016 support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 was officially stopped by Microsoft. Microsoft have urged all users of their older IE versions to update as soon as possible as they are no-longer updated with security fixes etc.

The latest version of IE, being 11, will be supported for some time to come on the various operating systems - Win 7, 8 + 10.

For more information about the end of support for the older browsers visit Microsoft.

So what does this have to do with our website, well, we will be dropping support in our free templates for all pre IE 11 browser versions.

Support for IE 7 was dropped at the start of 2013 and IE 8 was dropped a year later in 2014, as of January 2016 we are dropping IE 9 + 10.

What this means is we will no-longer specifically code for the older browsers - the majority of time the templates will work in IE 9 + 10, but some features that are not supported obviously won't.


We use transitions to rotate an element solely via CSS - IE9 doesn't support it so the element simply doesn't rotate.

We use "placeholder" for form tags - allowing us to add a text (Name, Email etc.) to form elements that support it - IE 9 doesn't support the "placeholder" tag so we have a Javascript file in place that works as a work around for IE 9 adding the text - this script will now be removed from our future free templates.

Premium Templates

Our premium templates built pre January 2016 will continue to support the older IE versions where applicable, but at this current moment in time we can not say whether or not new premium templates will support IE 9 + 10, the decision has not yet been made.