Internet Explorer 8 Support Discontinued

As of January 2014 we have decided to drop support for IE8 completely, meaning, all new website templates that we create whether they are free or premium templates, will not support IE8 in any form whatsoever.

Our older free website templates that precede January 2014 still support IE8 and will continue to support it in the future, unless the template(s) is (are) completely re-coded to use the latest technology available.

Why, simple: IE8 is a legacy browser that will in short be completely dropped from Microsoft support, it's the last XP browser and as the extended support for XP runs out this year, so does the support for IE8.

If you are a user of Windows XP and you haven't upgraded yet, we suggest you do so ASAP, as of April 8th 2014 support will stop - no more security patches or updates will be provided, meaning, your system is vulnerable for hackers, malware etc.

The majority of modern browsers have auto updating functionality and with the introduction of IE9 Microsoft also began "Auto-updating", forcing the browser to update to the latest version available for the system (OS) it runs on.

This can be turned off, but from an end-user point of view, keeping up-to-date should be a must thing to do.

This decision can obviously be, for those people who still use or are forced to use outdated software, a problem, we apologise, but we are no-longer going backwards and restricting our work due to outdated technology.

As the majority of browser developers now have "auto updates" for their browsers, we as template developers can, to a point, use the very latest technology available, including but not restricted to HTML5, CSS3 and loads of cool jQuery scripts.

IE9 is the next on our list to drop, but it is still used a lot throughout the world - it doesn't support a lot of the modern CSS3 functions, but saying that, IE10 doesn't support all of them yet either and IE11 is also here to stay.