Internet Explorer 7 Support Discontinued

As of February 2013 support is no-longer provided in our templates for Internet Explorer 7.

Templates that precede February 2013 still support IE7 and will continue to support it in the future, unless the template(s) is (are) completely re-coded to HTML5.

Technology advances, so does and has the web, we are no-longer happy with having to create extra mark-up, extra style sheets, workarounds / hacks for outdated browsers.

The top 5 (our opinion) web browsers are free and the updates are also free, so our decision to stop support of IE7 wasn't hard, just as we did for IE6.

Why we have decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 7, well, the list is long and we could write an essay on the problems faced when creating a fully cross browser template / website.

The main reason why we have decided to stop supporting this browser is simple: the support for modern technology isn't available.

We can't create / replicate a wide range of functions that we would like to use from our HTML5 templates, simply because they don't work in IE7.

To-date we have been able to provide a wide range of fully supported and functionable cross browser free templates, we don't want to be left behind and we want to go on creating quality templates, but using new technology.

We will shortly be releasing a wide range of free responsive website templates - a range of responsive prototypes with loads of page layout examples ready for further modification and use.

These responsive templates have a wide range of pre-defined elements and pages that can easily be modified / converted into a fully functional website.

The templates have elements in them that are in no way supported by IE7, the support in IE8 is better, but still not as good as it should be, but the templates will all downgrade gracefully and work in IE8.

At some stage we will stop support for IE8, but at the moment we are well aware that it is still widely used, not everyone can afford to buy a new PC, laptop etc. just to get the latest Internet Explorer version, so support goes on.

We as always recommend that anyone using our templates use a modern, up-to-date web standards conform browser, such as FireFox, Chrome, Safari (also available for Windows) or Opera.