Free Template Updates 05-2018

Our free templates are changing, or should I say, have started to change, their layout width and what pages they contain.

After a lot of thought and numerous requests, we have integrated a larger grid system into all of our latest free templates that we have released over the last few weeks and those to come will also have the larger grid system.

By reviewing the "framework.css" file in the latest templates you will see that we have used one of our "RS-MQF" grids that can be found in our free basic templates section.

Another plus to the templates is the integration of the latest major release of the Font Awesome suit of icons - Font Awesome 5.

With that said:

Font Awesome have changed the way they name their icons, for this reason, we now have a page template specific for their icons. The page template has been added to each of the latest templates downloadable file and can be previewed in the templates live demo.

The page has all of the icons that are featured in the Font Awesome release used in each specific template. There are intermediate updates made to the icon suit and each of our templates have, where possible, the latest version e.g 5.0.9.

As Font Awesome now uses 3 icon class types (FAB, FAR, FAS), the page acts as a kind of "cheatsheet" sectioned in the three naming schemes / types with the pre-defined class names next to the icon name, so it's simply a matter of "copy + paste" when adding the classes to your element of choice.

To note is: our free templates use the standard configuration, call it the old school method of including the files and using the icons, the reason is simply because not all of the users of our templates are web-cracks who know all of the ins and outs of webdesign and development.

If you want to try and or you have the competence, you can easily use all of the methods shown in the Font Awesome website.

Here are some links that will help you on your way:

We hope that the updates improve the usability of the templates and we await your feedback and wishes for future templates.