Free Responsive Prototypes

We are pleased to announce the release of our first free fully responsive prototype templates.

What is so special you may ask yourself, well, if you are a keen follower of our templates you will have noticed that we only publish a certain amount of pages with pre-defined content in them.

Our free responsive prototypes all have a variety of content pages with different layout possibilities, pre-formatted content, short-codes, and standard elements that any website shouldn't go without.

The responsive prototypes have been built using the latest technology, they downgrade gracefully in Internet Explorer 8 and are fully functionable in all modern browsers.

Why Do We Call Them Prototypes.

The free responsive website prototypes are called prototypes simply because that is what they are, they have default everything, colour coding, elements, no real images, just placeholders.

When we talk about prototyping we talk about creating a layout / design for mock-ups, end-user prototypes or production sites. Prototyping is a common practice used in the majority of professional web design agencies / companies.

A prototype has the majority of elements and look that is wanted, but it doesn't have the last design elements to make it a fully useable end-product.

Our prototypes are constructed so as to let pretty much anyone with or without HTML & CSS experience create a website on the fly without much hassle.

The colours, elements and layout possibilities are huge, simply changing the way the homepage shows its content creates a completely new layout and with that a bespoke web design.

Some of the pages that can be found when you download a prototype are:

  • Homepage, 404, Contact, About Us, Testimonials, Team Member and a further set of different layout types
  • Accordions, Toggles, Buttons, Alert Messages, Tabs, Pricing Tables just to mention a few
  • 11 Individual Gallery Layouts
  • 10 Individual Portfolio Layouts

We will be concentrating on using our 1200px responsive CSS framework to complete a wide range of prototypes, If the request is large enough we will at a later point create replicas in other sizes e.g. 940px, 960px or 1140px.

All you have to do is give the template it colours, images and that last personal touch and your well on your way to having a fully responsive professional website.