First Premium Template - CleanCut

We have been working on a new responsive framework and with that an initial premium template - it's now finished.

We will be building a new website for our premium templates, so the wait goes on.

If you are interested in our premium template before its official release, please drop us a quick mail or use our contact form and we will let you know where you can preview the template and some of its features.

We are currently modifying the template due to the problems that some users have had whilst using it.

As recently posted, the future of the template is changing, the template will be available in a "Pro" and "Light" version.

The template is definitely user ability dependant, if you know what you are doing and need no help, then the "Pro" version is what you should use, on the other hand, little or no experience with HTML + CSS, then the "Light" version is for you.

We initially wanted to release the template on ThemeForest, but have chosen against this method, simply because we provide quality, not quantity.

Just for info - the footer link is no-longer in the template, there are 135 HTML files, over 60 pages of documentation as well as layered PSD + PNG files.

All this comes for a mere €85.00 (single site licence).

If you think €85.00 is too much for a fully responsive template that has all the functionality and resources this has, then you are in the wrong place and we suggest you go to ThemeForest and buy there.

Want to read the description: click here for the pdf