EU Privacy Compliance 05-2018

Due to extensive changes in European law, with regards to online privacy, we decided to pull our server provider change forward and crack on with the changes that we wanted to make anyway as well as include changes that make us compliant with the new laws.

Compliancy changes to the website include:

  • URL change from "HTTP" to a secured server using "HTTPS"
  • A new and improved Privacy Policy
  • Updated Cookies Policy
  • Additional "use of data" agreements in all of our forms
  • Google Analytics Opt-out
  • Non-personalised ads from Google
  • Under-age child protection for Google Adsense

What these changes mean is our website has become more user friendly in respect to privacy and with the help of "SSL" encryption, our forms have become a little safer.

Lets not kid ourselves though, the internet is not a safe place and there is no guarantee that data, when shared / transfered online, is 100% safe from hackers.

Contacting OS Templates

As of 05/2018, if you would like to contact us, we ask that you use the contact form found in our website and not send a direct email.

The reason being:

Laws that are not thoroughly thought through cause numerous problems and one of those is the "consent to contact", we understand the new law as:

"We require your permission to contact you using your information, so if we don't have a physically signed or digital agreement we can not answer your direct emails"

Our contact form now has an extra agreement at the bottom, by clicking the box, you agree to us contacting you using your information - this is solely to protect us from any legal action.

The new law makes lives for those running a website a nightmare (personal + commercial operators), but we agree that some form of privacy has to be in place, but the new laws make answering a simple question a mountain, instead of a molehill.

Up until now, when we were asked a question, we answered it and the email was then deleted by us, if we received another question or response to our mail that required an answer, again, it was answered and then the mail including email address were deleted.

The new process is similar, with one main difference - we will store the emails on a temporary basis, until we know that all questions have been answered, then the mails + email address will be deleted.

It's a circle and as such, we don't and won't save emails long term.

We only save data if you purchase a premium template licence from us, in this situation, the data is only used in connection with our (licensor + licensee) correspondence (sale, help and advice) and for the official invoice. The premium template enquiry form now also has the same data agreement section as found in the contact form.