Escarine - Branch Specific Template Set

We have been asked many a time why we mainly create multipurpose templates. The answer to this is quite simple: our templates are used on such a large variety and types of website, that it isn't plausible to be extremely specific.

We use a wide range of images in each of our live demos to try to show that our templates can be used for a variety of websites, not simply for the colour, design & imagery it is displayed with.

For this reason we have decided to create a code base template and use it as a branch specific template.

The template will be used as a base template (predefined code that is modified either in full or bits) for a range of different branch templates. The initial template was released today and is called "Escarine Biz".

"Escarine Biz" was created as a multipurpose business template - not specific to any type of business but not ideal for all.

We will in the coming weeks create individual branch specific templates using the Escarine code base - meaning, the templates created will be extremely specific - colours, elements and images (live demo images).

The branches that we intend to create templates for are as follows:

  1. General Business - Escarine-Biz
  2. Construction - Escarine-Con
  3. Education / School - Escarine-Edu
  4. Food & Drink - Escarine-Foo
  5. Holiday / Travel - Escarine-Hol

We may add further branch specific templates depending on response from our user community.

Please note that the finished templates are not compatible with each other, or should we say - without modification, you can not simply take elements from one template and use them in a different Escarine template.

The majority of display elements are specific to each template and we use tabs, accordions etc. that are also coded on a "per template" basis and may look similar, yet function differently, making them incompatible with other code.

Also, where "jQuery UI" elements are used, the "UI" javascript is element specific, example: if accordions are used the Javascript will only have the appropriate accordion script and won't have tabs or any other elements.

We hope that this is what our users have been looking for - if it goes well we will do this again with future templates, chosen by our users.