Education Template Series

Due to the interest around our School and Education templates we have decided to do a large run-out on Education based templates.

The templates will be suited for all kinds of schools, universities, colleges and other educational institutes.

Research has long started and we have seen that there is a rising popularity within schools and educational institutes to use jQuery for elements such as showcases, galleries and media galleries.

With that said, we will add jQuery elements to the forthcoming templates, how much is dependant on how the templates will work. We don't want to over do it.

Colour schemes will be kept more traditional as they are easily changed by the user, to suit whatever colours the educational institute has.

We have already published a few PSD templates that are specific for education, but these are only pre-templates. These designs are currently being modified, adapted and changed for a variety of new educational website templates.

Here a preview of what's to come:

Education Website Template Preview