CleanCut Pro - Update 11/2014

The latest major update to CleanCut Pro sees a significant amount of changes, the template has been updated from v1.0.1 to v1.0.5.

The jump in version numbers is due to the amount of changes that have been made over the last couple of months, but have not been open to the public.

The latest version is not compatible at all with any previous versions, so users who wish to carry out an update / upgrade to this version won't be able to - we are sorry for that, but we have our reasons.

The changes in the template are major - the framework has been modified, class names have been changed, elements have been re-worked, buttons have been totaly re-built and for some, the most significant change: we have removed support for IE8.

The following is a small excerpt from the changelog:

  1. Support for IE8 completely removed - all IE8 code bloat removed
  2. Framework converted to new namespace - includes all CSS and HTML files
  3. NEW: Border colours added to "elements.css" base colours
  4. NEW: Integrated a "Timeline" element / template - can be used as a company time line or testimonials etc. (documentation created)
  5. NEW: Integrated styling to rotate elements, in particular icons - not animated (documentation created)
  6. NEW: Service page elements now have various styles, can be used for other elements not just services (documentation created)
  7. NEW: Buttons completely re-built - cleaner and now with 3 options / styles (documentation updated)
  8. NEW: Form input & text areas are now emphasised when active (typed in) - background colour & border colour changes
  9. NEW: Sidebar "widget" class introduced to act as a wrapper for individual elements in sidebars
  10. NEW: Additional sidebar elements: search form, log-in form and image gallery
  11. NEW: By request we have integrated a Calendar which uses a DIV based table, this is already used in other templates
  12. CSS Pseudo Elements updated
  13. All CSS files cleaned up, modified & simplified where possible and required
  14. Homepage Flexslider + image carousel modified
  15. Updated all 3rd party JavaScript files where possible

For those who wish to read the full details, we have integrated a "Changelog" into the template documentation.


The live demo is still v1.0 - we will update it as soon as we have the time.

We can supply screenshots of the latest template additions (timeline, services etc.) and button modifications if and when requested.