CleanCut Pro - Update 08/2014

We have been contacted a lot in the past asking for a "One Page" Homepage template, which uses a sticky header, so, low and behold, CleanCut Pro now has one.

Please note that the sticky header can be overridden, meaning, you have the choice of "sticky" or "not sticky".

The "One Page" template is in our opinion not only suitable for a one page website, it can be used as a one page product landing page or as an App landing page.

Just to ensure there is no misunderstanding - the one page template does NOT use parallax, we haven't added parallax as we think this is a personal modification / enhancement - using CSS3 backgrounds, a similar effect can be achieved.

The One Page template can use all of the features that come with CleanCut Pro template - fixed, responsive, light or dark skin etc. It does have some differences, but these can be read about in the support documentation.

Major Modifications:

  • One Page jQuery controlled sliding template:
    Works even if JavaScript is switched off => reverts to standard "link to anchor" tags, but is no-longer sticky. The template documentation has been modified and now has a page solely for the One Page template.
  • Font Awesome:
    Completely replaced the old Font Awesome v3.2.1 with the updated 4.2.0 version - all files that use Font Awesome icons have been updated to the latest class names and calls. This includes: Style sheets, PNG + PSD files and the Font Awesome cheat sheet.
  • Mobile Menu:
    The mobile menu script has been moved out of the custom JavaScript file and is now a standalone script, due to conflicting with the one page template.
  • jQuery:
    jQuery + jQuery UI have been updated to the latest versions - testing has confirmed that everything works in the browsers that we test on - if you do occur any problems, please feel free to let us know.

The list is short but the work took quite some time.

For Current Users:

Those users who bought the template in the last 10 days will be contacted by us reference a free upgrade.

Those who use the older version (v1.0) and wish to upgrade to the latest version need to be aware that this is not a small update, there are hundreds of changes that have been made. Meaning, the update would probably corrupt your current site, one major reason is because the Font Awesome code has been completely changed by its developers.

CleanCut Pro Live Demo

Currently we have a watered down version of CleanCut Pro on the site as a live demo - we will not be changing this in the near future, the demo works perfectly OK and as such doesn't need to be updated.

The main areas that have been covered in the update do not affect the appearance of the live demo, the modifications were all technical.

The One Page template will not be added to the live demo.