CleanCut In The Wild

A friend of ours (Anna - a great artist) wanted to build a new website, so we suggested using our "CleanCut" template. The initial response was "what, that has nothing to do with what I do", our answer = no worries.

Anna had previously designed a layout for her site, so we took a look, modified it a little (minimal) and came up with a great looking website which uses the latest technology available and is based on CleanCut.

The template has some custom coding relevant to layout elements, layout colours and skin colours, the major modification was the framework / grid, it was reduced from 1200px down to 978px.

The core files were completely gutted of excess code that isn't in use e.g. menu options, sliders, lightboxes etc. and all of the elements were modified to the design colours e.g. buttons, accordions etc.

The total time it took for the visual design changes was about an hour - the single modifications, removing code, modifying colour codes, modifying the responsive elements etc. took about 4 hours (includes cross browser testing), so a total of approximately 5 hours.

Some people will now say that 5 hours is way too long - our opinion: the time can be reduced by approximately 3 hours making it a two hour project - we took our time to ensure there are no mistakes and that the modifications to the site run 100% correct on a desktop as well as mobile devices.

Interested ? Want a look ? OK.

The screenshots are huge, so we will simply link to them: Original CleanCut homepage design and the Converted design

Annas live website can be found here

You can see what can be achieved when using our templates - a little work can go a long way, the original design isn't a restriction, the core behind the visual design is what counts.

If you know what you are doing when it comes to CSS and HTML, your work process can be greatly reduced when using our templates as a working base structure.