Responsive Web Templates

Commonly mistaken for Responsive website themes, a responsive web template / responsive website template is a single file or set of files used for creating any form of website, be it a static flat file web site or a dynamic web site.

A responsive web template has predefined content and predefined mark-up. What does this mean you may ask yourself, hopefully this post will help you to understand.

Responsive web templates can either be free or commercially bought, the differences between the two is possibly the support, design, code and quality.

Responsive web templates are also known as:

  • Responsive Design Templates
  • Responsive Website Templates
  • Responsive CSS Templates
  • Responsive HTML Templates

Not everyone can afford to employ a web designer or web developer to build a responsive web design, so a prebuilt responsive web template is probably the perfect solution.

Removing the default content from the template and replacing it with your own content is then a simple task, in most cases only a minimal amount of coding knowledge is required.

If more pages are needed for a website (other than those provided in the template), by simply duplicating the template files and modifying the links etc.. a large website can easily be built.

Where can a responsive web template be used ?

If you have the knowledge or know someone with programming knowledge then responsive web templates can be ported / converted for dynamic website's such as Blog's. CMS systems etc.

They can also be used for galleries, portfolios', news pages etc.. There aren't really any restrictions where a responsive template can be used, the restriction is on the users' ability to use and or develop the template for a specific use.

There are, like other new technologies, obviously some restrictions when using responsive designs, including the use of images and tables. We will approach these restrictions in a later post.

Like other types of HTML templates, be it responsive, fixed width, elastic or fluid they all have the same basic function. A set of preconfigured files that can be used to create a website, simply modify the content and you can have a website finished in a short period of time.

For advanced users or developers with knowledge of XHTML or HTML & CSS, a responsive web template can be modified to pretty much any type of website and web design.


Don't get confused between the terminology "Responsive Web Layout", "Responsive Themes" and "Responsive Web Template" they are all different.

A Responsive Web Layout is a basic layout which in practice has no images, no styling (other than basic positioning) and has no predefined colour scheme, take a look at our Free Basic Templates.

The terminology "Responsive Theme" is generally used when talking about the template files used in Blogging systems such as WordPress - Theme in this case meaning design

"Responsive Web Templates" are as we have discussed here, a set of predefined / preconfigured files that can be easily modified by nontechnical users.