Responsive Web Design Resources

When starting out or learning to develop a responsive web design a lot of resources including demos, ideas, information etc.. are required.

As we started to build responsive layouts and templates it obviously didn't take that long to get the coding part working as it should, but understanding what we were actually doing took longer.

Having personally over 10 years experience of developing websites from scratch made it easier to understand the concept and idea behind responsive web design.

Here we have compiled some of the responsive web design resources that we used to understand responsive web design:

Reading - Articles & Posts

Responsive Web Design Books You Can Buy (We Did):

Web Design Structure

The lists above are short, but the content they link to is immense. You can sit down for hours reading the posts and the books, digest the information and then possibly start out and create your own responsive design.

If the information listed here is not enough, then use your search engine of choice and do some searching, some terms you could search for:

  • Responsive design what is it
  • Understanding responsive design
  • Responsive design examples
  • Responsive design tutorials
  • What is responsive web design

We will be creating separate posts for prototyping responsive designs and testing them in a live environment or in an emulator and for other informative resources that are so extensive that they need their own page discussing why they are required for responsive web design.