CU3ER - Preloader: <preloader>

XML location & structure

<cu3er> <settings> <preloader> <defaults ... /> <tweenIn ... /> <tweenOut ... /> </preloader> </settings> </cu3er>


This feature allows you to track the slide loading progress visually. The "Preloader" is automatically shown trough the tween node, if the requested slide hasn't been loaded yet.

There are two types of "preloader" indicators: linear and circular. You can also apply tweening through <tweenIn /> and <tweenOut /> tween nodes.

The Default preloader is represented as a thick red 5px line that takes place across the whole slider with a centered vertical position.

The "preloader" node configures style and appearance of the sliding "preloader" and may contain the following three nodes:

  1. <defaults />
    Node containing general attributes for "auto_play" feature. Available attributes:

    symbol = "circular" or "linear"

  2. <tweenIn />

    Transition in tween node - tweening properties for item appearance on stage: tweenIn

  3. <tweenOut />

    Transition out tween node - tweening properties for item disappearance from stage: tweenOut

XML Reference

Node / Attribute defaults tween
type Description
symbol linear     string Graphical preloader indicator. Available values: "circular" or "linear"
time   0.3 0.3 number Duration (in seconds) of the tween
delay   0 0 number Delay (in seconds) before the tween begins
x   0   number x position
y   swf height / 2   number y position
width   swf width   number width
height   5   number height
rotation   0   number rotation (in degrees)
alpha   0.85 0 number Range from 0 - 1. Alpha/transparency of the object
tint   0xFF0000   hex number Hexdecimal number. Color of the object.
scaleX   1   number Range from 0 - max. Horizontal scale of the object
scaleY   1   number Range from 0 - max. Vertical sale of the object