CU3ER - Next Symbol: <next_symbol>

XML location & structure

<cu3er> <settings> <next_symbol> <defaults ... /> <tweenIn ... /> <tweenOut ... /> <tweenOver ... /> </next_symbol> </settings> </cu3er>


Having navigation buttons (prev/next) only, which are represented as simple graphic shapes, may not always be enough to provide the best viewing experience.

In order to improve the navigation and enrich the slide viewing, a range of navigation symbols support the navigation buttons.

Their visual information is represented by 10 arrow symbols that tell the user clearly which action they are able to perform.

There are 10 navigation symbols available:

Navigation symbols have their own tween nodes, as navigation buttons do, allowing you to tween the symbol independently from the navigation button.

This feature gives you an almost unlimited number of possibilities for combining, configuring, and tweening both, navigation buttons and navigation symbols.

The registration / transformation point is aligned with the symbol's centre point.

Include the <next_symbol> node in order to display a "next" symbol in CU3ER. Clicking on the symbol will tell CU3ER to perform 3D transition and to show the next defined slide in XML.

The "Next" symbol may contain the following four nodes:

  • 1. <defaults />
    Node containing general attributes for "next" symbol. Available attributes:
    • type = "number" - see image above for available symbols

<next_symbol> <defaults type="3" /> </next_symbol>

  • 2. <tweenIn />

    Transition in tween node - tweening properties for item appearance on stage: tweenIn

  • 3. <tweenOut />

    Transition out tween node - tweening properties for item disappearance from stage: tweenOut

  • 4. <tweenOver />

    Tween node defining "on mouse over" tween: tweenOver

XML Reference

Node / Attribute defaults tween
type Description
type 1       number Range from 1 to 10. Numeric representation of available symbols.
time   0.3 0.3 0.3 number Duration (in seconds) of the tween
delay   0 0 0 number Delay (in seconds) before the tween begins
x   swf width - 50     number x position
y   swf height / 2     number y position
width         number width TIP: for symbols use scaleX to change object dimension instead
height         number height TIP: for symbols use scaleY to change object dimension instead
rotation   0     number rotation (in degrees)
alpha   0.85 0 1 number Range from 0 - 1. Alpha/ transparency of the object
tint   0xFFFFFF     hex number Hexdecimal number. Color of the object.
scaleX   1     number Range from 0 - max. Horizontal scale of the object
scaleY   1     number Range from 0 - max. Vertical sale of the object