CU3ER - Debug Panel: <debug>

XML location & structure

<cu3er> <settings> <debug /> </settings> </cu3er>


Including this node enables the impressive Mr.DOOB stats - performance & memory monitoring interface to spot performance problems and to detect places where you may optimise the CU3ER. During the development stage, the CU3ER performance monitoring is highly recommended!

  • FPS Frames per second, how many frames were rendered in 1 second, the bigger the better.
  • MS Milliseconds needed to render a frame, the lower the better.
  • MEM Memory your code is using, if it increases per frame then it's VERY bad.
  • MAX Maximum memory the application reached.

More about Mr.DOOB stats can be found here »

Available attributes:

  1. x - horizontal position
  2. y - vertical position

The config XML file looks like the following:

<debug x="10" y="10" />

XML Reference

Attribute Defaults Type Description
x 0 Number x position of debug/stats panel
y 0 Number y position of debug/stats panel