CU3ER - Auto Play: <auto_play>

XML location & structure

<cu3er> <settings> <auto_play> <defaults ... /> <tweenIn ... /> <tweenOut ... /> <tweenOver ... /> </auto_play> </settings> </cu3er>


The "Auto play" feature enables CU3ER to automatically cycle through your slides after the pre-defined period of time has expired.

This feature is enabled by default in one of two ways:

  1. the node is omitted in the XML file (the node not included)
  2. the navigation nodes (prev_button, next_button, prev_symbol or next_symbol) are not included in the XML configuration.

There are two types of "auto play" indicators: linear and circular. You can also apply tweening through tween nodes.

"Auto play" may contain the following four nodes:

  • 1. <defaults />
    Node containing general attributes for the "auto_play" feature. Available attributes:
    • symbol = "circular" or "linear"
    • time = "number"

<auto_play> <defaults symbol="circular" time="3" /> <tweenIn x="500" y="50" width="35" height="35" tint="0xFFFFFF" /> </auto_play>

  • 2. <tweenIn />

    Transition in tween node - tweening properties for item appearance on stage: tweenIn

  • 3. <tweenOut />

    Transition out tween node - tweening properties for item disappearance from stage: tweenOut

  • 4. <tweenOver />

    Tween node defining "on mouse over" tween: tweenOver

XML Reference

Node / Attribute defaults tween
type Description
symbol linear       string Graphical auto play indicator. Available values:"circular" or "linear"
time 5       number Auto play cycle automatically through the slides after the specified period of time (in seconds)
time   0.3 0.3 0.3 number Duration (in seconds) of the tween
delay   0 0 0 number Delay (in seconds) before the tween begins
x   0     number x position
y   0     number y position
width   swf width     number width
height   5   15 number height
rotation   0     number rotation (in degrees)
alpha   0.5 0 0.85 number Range from 0 - 1. Alpha/ transparency of the object
tint   0x000000     hex number Hexdecimal number. Color of the object.
scaleX   1     number Range from 0 - max. Horizontal scale of the object
scaleY   1     number Range from 0 - max. Vertical sale of the object