CU3ER - Fonts

System Font

CU3ER can use any system font for displaying the slide heading and paragraph text you have chosen.

All you have to do is to insert value (font-face name) in the font atribute located in the <description> node inside the XML configuration file. Check the "Description" section for more information!

If CU3ER has found the defined font variable in the embedding script, it will use this embedded font for all text fields regardless of the system font attribute defined in XML.

Custom Font

CU3ER allows importing .swf files with an embedded font, which will be used for displaying the slide description heading and paragraph text.

While embedding CU3ER in the web page, you have to define a variable "font" with the path to your font .swf in the embedding javascript and CU3ER will load that .swf file.

flashvars.font = "path_to_your_font.swf";

Take a closer look at the "Embedding" section if you have doubts where to define this variable-link.

Here's how to embed fonts into Flash:

  1. go to your library, right-click and choose "New Font …"

  2. under the "Name" field type the name of the font "myFont"

  3. select font & style from the respective drop down menus

  4. Click "advanced > linkage" and check "Export for Actionscript" and "Export in first frame"

  5. Click OK

  6. Open "ActionScript panel" and register the font by typing the following AS code: Font.registerFont(myFont);

  7. Publish this swf for Flash Player 9 with Actionscript 3

  8. Copy/move the published font .swf into the desired folder and set the "font" variable with the path to this .swf file, inside your embedding script, in order to make CU3ER use your defined font.