CU3ER - Overview

CU3ER, in a nutshell, is a .swf (flash) file, designed & developed for displaying images & slides in a 3 Dimensional aspect. It requires an XML configuration file in which the paths to the existing images and instructions (settings), necessary for handling those, are defined.

This image slider is equipped with a great range of features that enhance the user's experience of viewing slides.

User Interface

The user interface enhances the overall viewing experience enabling the user to get useful information (such as slide description or progress information while loading files) and to interact with the CU3ER (navigating through slides or pausing the slideshow). Check the "User Guide" section for further information.

3D Transitions

3D Transitions embrace the features that make the way to slide through a series of images unique. Transitions between slides are also unique, eye-catching, and configurable. A range of available options offers an almost unlimited number of combinations for setting a unique look & feel and user-pleasant viewing experience. Check the "User Guide" for further information.

Behind the scenes

When the page gets loaded, the CU3ER is initiated and first what it will look for is an XML configuration file (optionally .swf font file too, if the defined variable of this file was found). This will be loaded for future use.

After loading and parsing XML, the CU3ER configures itself by its defined settings. Then it starts loading images (slides). As soon as the first image is fully loaded, it is displayed and the rest of the images are loaded in the background.

Either a 3D transition to the next image is applied after the specific amount of time has passed or the user's input (mouse click) is "listened" to and an action performed accordingly, depending on the configuration settings. It is as simple as that!