Weebly Templates Compatibility

As of late we have received an extensive amount of emails asking us why our templates don't automatically work on weebly. The majority of mails state that an error appears as such "Error: Zip archive missing main_style.css"

The reason you will get an error if you try to upload our templates to weebly is simple - our templates are in no way weebly compatible in the state they are when you download them from our website.

Weebly use their own bespoke website building software and to our knowledge their software uses its own templating system.

If you wish to use one of our free website templates or one of our free website layouts in your weebly website, you will have to port the template or layout in question into the weebly templating system.

Porting a template means converting the original template for the system or structure that is in use or to be used, in this case weebly.

What Weebly Say

The following quote is taken from the weebly website:

Regular themes that are made for static html sites or other CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Yola will not work as is. They need to be converted to match Weebly Syntax for the theme to work properly in Weebly. Otherwise, any dynamic content added via the editor interface might not be reflected in the site. If a theme uses tags partially, then you may not get the full functionality.

Please take a look at the following relevant links of interest:

Please Note:

We have been asked to convert some of our template for the weebly system but have declined these requests. We do not and will not port our templates for weebly or any other 3rd party CMS, Blog etc. simply due to support.

We can not support changes made by third parties to their systems, if we were to do so we wouldn't have time to create new templates nor could we carry out commercial work.