Test Our Responsive Templates

Before downloading our responsive templates why don't you take a look at how they actually look in a multitude of device viewports. We now have a viewport testing tool online for you to use to test our templates: Responsive Templates Testing Tool

There are a wide range of responsive design testing tools currently online, we have used and tested the majority and have listed some of the tools we find to be the best for viewport testing below.

Our responsive design testing tool was originally developed by Matt Kersley and since we use it extensively for testing, we decided to develop it further and modify it specifically for our responsive templates.

The tool is simple, it loads a design into a pre-defined frame size that represents / replicates a device viewport. As the frame size is recognised by the CSS media queries, the appropriate CSS is used for that frame / viewport size.

When testing our responsive designs they shouldn't have a "Horizontal scrollbar", a vertical scrollbar is generally visible depending on the size of the web page you are currently viewing.

To use the responsive design testing tool, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. 1. Goto our free website templates section
  2. 2. Click the thumbnail of the template that you are interested in
  3. 3. Once on the preview page you see a "Demonstration" button
  4. 4. Right click the demonstration button and click "Copy Link Location"
  5. 5. Underneath the "Download Here" button is a text block asking if you want to test the template
  6. 6. Click the "Responsive Template Testing Tool" link
  7. 7. Once on the testing tool page, simply paste the copied link into the box at the top of the content area and then press "Enter"
  8. 8. You have the choice of "Width Only" & "Device Sizes" - width only is set as default

For an accurate viewport experience we suggest that you use a modern browser when using the testing tool, simply due to the lack of support that older browser versions have, such as IE7 & 8.

You can also use the tool to test other sites, or your own website, by simply pasting the URL of the site in the bar at the top of the content, but, you won't be able to navigate through the site in the individual frames due to the way browser security is handled.