SlideDeck - Horizontal Slider Removal

We have been contacted several times since Microsoft released their latest browser - IE 11, this browser is only available for those who have Windows 7 or 8.

Why this is important, the free version of the SlideDeck jQuery slider plug-in doesn't work in IE 11 and probably never will.

The developers of SlideDeck have now moved away from providing and supporting SlideDeck as a free slider, you now have to buy a licence to use the latest version.

Our free templates contain "Open Source", "Public Domain", "GPL", "MIT" and or "Creative Commons" based sliders and other 3rd party jQuery scripts to ensure that the templates are not restricted by any 3rd party licence agreements.

With this said, we will be removing the SlideDeck slider from the following templates:

  1. Simplistic
  2. Education Time

To ensure that the templates still function as to date, we will be integrating the free version of Nicola Hibberts "liteAccordion" - when this will happen depends on the time it takes to reduce our current workload.

To note is: this version is no-longer updated on a regular basis, so it is possible that at some stage it will also have problems with new browsers.

If you would like to grab the code from the developers site and do the work yourself, feel free to do so, using the following links.

  1. liteAccordion - a horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery
  2. liteAccordion - demo suite
  3. liteAccordion - GitHub

If you are not sure what you are doing on GitHub, you can download the file from our server - here.

There is a premium version of the liteAccordion from Nicola Hibbert called "Accordion Pro JS" which can be found here, it only costs $9 for a single site licence, so it's probably worth the investment if you want to continue using this kind of slider in the long term.

Update - 26.12.2013

Both templates have now been modified to use the "liteAccordion" from Nicola Hibbert.

The templates have significant changes, including jQuery versions, HTML markup etc.

To ensure full compatibility with the sliders CSS code, we have added a custom theme to the original file (liteaccordion.css) - the custom theme is called "os-tpl".

This ensures full use of the original themes: basic, light, dark and stitch - you will although still have to make modifications for any visual changes that are not wanted or required if you use one of the default themes.