Porting a Template to MODx

The information found here refers to 3rd party websites and resources.

OS Templates is not responsible for the correctness of information provided by 3rd party websites.

If you have problems porting the templates via the tutorials and other information here, then we suggest contacting the providers of the MODx CMS, via their Forum.

UPDATE: Since writing this page many years ago, the MODX CMS has split into two different maintaining groups - Evolution CMS (Evo) + Revo.

Links provided are for both systems, where possible.


  1. Template Documentation:
    Evo, Revo

  2. The Coding Pad:
    Building a Website with MODx for Newbies - Part 3: Working with Templates

  3. Sottwell.com - MODx From the Inside:
    The Template

  4. Bob's Guides:
    Porting Your Template

  5. nettuts+:
    Working With a Content Management Framework: MODx

If you find a dead link, please let us know and we will rectify the problem - thanks.

MODx Template Video Tutorial