How To Modify The PhotoProwess Homepage Slider

If you would like to add images to the homepage image rotator but you are not sure how to go about doing so, then this short tutorial is what you have been looking for.

This tutorial will show you how to modify the "piecemaker.xml" file which pulls in the images for the rotator.

Step 1 - Locate the "piecemaker.xml"

If you don't already know where this file is, follow this path: "scripts/piecemaker/piecemaker.xml"

Open up the "piecemaker.xml" file in your editor of choice, Dreamweaver, notepad etc.

Please note

This file contains a variety of display possibilities, for this tutorial only, we will simply be changing an image.

Find and locate the following:

<Image Source="images/demo/piecemaker/1.jpg" Title="Slide 1"></Image>

In the above code you can see the path to the image used in the first slide / rotation is called "1.jpg".

"1.jpg" is located in the folder path: "images/demo/piecemaker/". All you need to do here is change the path to your own file.

A theoretical example:

The images for the rotator on a new website are in a folder named "homepage", this folder is found in the main image folder called "images" and the image to be shown is called "rotate1.jpg".

So the path to the image would be: "images/homepage/rotate1.jpg"

Step 2 - Modify the "piecemaker.xml"

Now that we understand how the file path is constructed (from our example above) we can add or replace the old image path with our new path.

<Image Source="images/homepage/rotate1.jpg" Title="Slide 1"></Image>

Step 3 - Adding more images

If you would like to add more images then simply duplicate the above code and change the image name for each line as shown below:

<Image Source="images/homepage/rotate1.jpg" Title="Slide 1"></Image> <Image Source="images/homepage/rotate2.jpg" Title="Slide 2"></Image> <Image Source="images/homepage/rotate3.jpg" Title="Slide 3"></Image>

Further Information

Piecemaker is copyrighted software and was released by the Modularweb team from Germany as Open Source software, it comes with an MIT licence.

If you require further information about modifying the piecemaker image rotator simply download the Piecemaker Documentation ».