IMPORTANT: EU members please read the following.

As of 07/2018 enquiries made by EU members (people and or companies based in the EU) will no-longer be processed, the reason being:

Due to a substantial increase in expenses when processing enquiries made by people / companies based in a EU country we have decided to temporarily stop selling licences to those who can not provide a billing address outside of an EU country.

This is simply due to the disproportionate effort involved when processing fees for EU countries, which incur much more work and accounting costs.

We are sorry for this decision, but as a small company, it is not feasible for us to manage the extra work involved, nor do we see the fact of increasing our prices for EU members fair against those outside of the EU.


All our premium template demos demonstrate what can be accomplished with the individual templates. When you purchase a licence the template that you receive from us may not replicate the live demo exactly, but the ability to replicate the live demo is 100% possible.

The reason being, in a variety of the templates you have the choice between multiple sliders, lightboxes, widgets etc. To demonstrate every single element combination is simply not feasible and as such we simply show an example of what is possible, not everything that is possible.

Premium Template Enquiries & Sales

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Template(s) of Interest

Simply select the template of interest, you can select multiple templates if you want to. To select multiple templates:

1) Windows users need to hold down the control (ctrl) button whilst clicking the template names of choice

2) Mac users need to hold down the command button whilst clicking the template names of choice

The price next to the name of the template is the price for a "Single Site Licence".

Amount of Licences Required

Please choose the amount of template licences that you require.

If you are interested in a single template or multiple templates and you need multiple licences simply add the combined amount of licences together, choose that amount and then use the "Notes" section to explain.

Notes (Licences)

If you are interested in multiple templates and you need multiple licences for each template you can add the template name & amount of licences required - one template per line e.g.

  • CleanCut Pro - 2 Licences
  • Book of Wisdom - 1 Licence

This example would mean you require a total amount of 3 licences.

Domain(s) where the template(s) will be used

Please provide the URL(s) of the domain(s) where the template(s) will be used

If you require multiple licences please provide the domain names one per line e.g.


A licence can only be provided when the domain(s) is(are) online and is(are) registered to the company or private name.

Private or Company

This is probably the most important part of the form. We need to know if you want to purchase the template licence for your private website or on behalf of or for your company website.

If you wish to purchase a licence for a client, you must fill out the form with the clients details - not your own, as the licence is made out to the client, not to you.

How Would You Like To Pay

Please choose the payment method you would like to use and we will send you the appropriate information you require to pay for the licence(s).

Title / Form of Address

Please choose the title that you would like us to address you with.

If your form of address is not available please choose "Other" and then enter your form of address in the box below the options.

Your Full Name / Company Contacts Name

Please enter your first and surname

For private consumers this will be the name used for any correspondence and for the invoice.

For businesses this is the companies representative / contact persons name who we will be in contact with for all correspondence.

Companies Registered Name

We require the companies official registered name - this name will be used for the invoice.

As some companies use trading names we can add the trading name to the invoice if required.

Email Address

All contact and transfer of files will be carried out via this provided email. This goes for both private consumers and businesses

It is important that this email accepts mails sent using our domain name and doesn't bounce them.

Companies Telephone Number

Please provide your companies contact telephone number, all written together, without spaces. This must be a landline number.

For all sales outside of the UK the number should contain the international dialing code.

Address / Companies Billing Address

For private consumers this is your home address

For businesses, this is the companies registered address.

This address is used for the invoice and if the requirement is there, we can send the template via post to this address. The address must be in your country of residence.

For ease of readability due to the differences in international address styles, please comma separate the address where required e.g.

Name, address line 1, address line 2, zip, country

Country of Residence

For a private consumer this is the country where you permanently live => your home country.

As a company can be registered in multiple countries we require the country of incorporation where our invoice is sent.

If your country of residence is not listed within the options, please choose "01. Not Listed" and then type your country of residence in the box below the options.

Notes / Further Information

If you would like to send us any further requirements or aren't sure about something, use this section and let us know what you require.

You could also let us know:

  • 1) How you would like the invoice to be sent - PDF (email) or Paper (post)
  • 2) If you can open 7zip files (.7z) or do you need a zip (.zip) file

We are sorry for requiring this information, but we have to by law. 2015 introduced major changes to how online sales have to be accounted for.

If you are not happy providing us with the required information, we are sorry, but we can not offer a different solution and therefore can not complete a sale.

If on the other hand you are happy with this and would still like to purchase a template licence, please fill out the form as best you can. If there are any problems we will contact you after receiving your enquiry.

Once we receive the completed form, it shouldn't take more than 24 - 48 hours before you hear from us. If you don't hear from us within this time period, please make sure our email is not in your spam folder.

Please add our domain to your friends list, that should ensure that you receive our mail(s).