CU3ER - Next Button: <next_button>

XML location & structure

<cu3er> <settings> <next_button> <defaults ... /> <tweenIn ... /> <tweenOut ... /> <tweenOver ... /> </ next_button> </settings> </cu3er>


Navigation buttons, represented as graphic shapes, are used for navigating through slides. Include the node in order to display "Next" navigation buttons in the user interface.

By clicking this button, you instruct CU3ER to perform 3D transitions and to show the previous defined slide in XML.

The registration / transformation point is aligned with the symbol's centre point.

If the slide you are trying to show is not loaded yet, clicking the "next" button will instruct CU3ER to apply the transition out (tweenOut) to all available UI elements and to display (tweenIn) the preloader indicating the loading process for the requested slide.

The "Next" button may contain the following four nodes:

  1. <defaults />
    Node containing general attributes for next button. Available attributes:

    round_corners = "topLeftRadius, topRightRadius, bottomLeftRadius, bottomRightRadius"

  2. <tweenIn />

    Transition in tween node - tweening properties for item appearance on stage: tweenIn

  3. <tweenOut />

    Transition out tween node - tweening properties for item disappearance from stage: tweenOut

  4. <tweenOver />

    Tween node defining "on mouse over" tween: tweenOver


<next_button> <defaults round_corners="5,5,5,5" /> <tweenIn tint="0xFF0000" x="500" y="300" /> <tweenOut x="600" /> <tweenOver tint="0xCC0000" scaleX="1.5" scaleY="1.5" /> </next_button>

XML Reference

Node / Attribute defaults tween
type Description
round_corners 0, 0, 0, 0       numbers Range from 0 to max. Enter comma separated values for the top Left, top Right, bottom Left and bottom Right Radius
time   0.3 0.3 0.3 number Duration (in seconds) of the tween
delay   0 0 0 number Delay (in seconds) before the tween begins
x   swf width - 50     number x position
y   swf height / 2     number y position
width   50     number width
height   50     number height
rotation   0     number rotation (in degrees)
alpha   0.5 0 0.85 number Range from 0 - 1. Alpha / transparency of the object
tint   0x000000     hex number Hexdecimal number. Color of the object.
scaleX   1     number Range from 0 - max. Horizontal scale of the object
scaleY   1     number Range from 0 - max. Vertical sale of the object